How to Become a Better Ballroom and Latin Dancer

In Ballroom Dancing, improving your dancing skills after you’ve been a beginner for a time requires increased dedication and a willingness to try new skills that will push you beyond beginner boundaries. Here you will find some tips to become a better Ballroom and Latin Dancer.

How to Become a Better Ballroom and Latin Dancer

1. Practice

Practice makes perfect. This is basic… Of course, no one is perfect, but everything can be improved. Practicing can definitely improve your technique, steps, confidence, etc. But attention. The way you practice is very important on your future success. Practice clever is better that practice 25 hours a day.

2. Strech & Warm Up

Stretching and Warm Up can improve your flexibility as well as your dancing. The more stretched you are, the better your lines will look, and your steps, etc. Stretching can also help prevent injuries. Even small stretches like jumping-jacks or stretching in the running position helps stretch out your hips for more flexibility. You want to do your best on the the dance floor, so don’t forget to warm up correctly all the times.

3. Nutrition

A good diet (not one of the ones you go on to lose weight!) can make you a better dancer. The better you eat, the better you are. If you dance you are doing a body exercise. So you will for sure need more nutrition then a “normal” person. Pay attention to your blood levels, and take supplements if you need it.

4. Exercise

Exercising can help you be a better ballroom anda latin dancer, too. Crunches can make it easier to keep your balance on turns and steps that you have to hold. Push up makes your posture and your shoulders look much better.

5. Do ballet.

Whatever your choice of dance, ballet is the foundation of all dance. It can help improve your technique and your posture. Even if you don’t do ballet or not interested. Just dance for fun.

6. Rest

You need to practice, you need to eat well, but you also need to rest. If your body is not rested enough your practice will be waisted. A good night of rest is very important to your success as Ballroom and Latin Dancer. Don’t forget also to rest your head. At least one day a week take one day off to do different things, not related to dance.

7. Have Fun

We understand that you want to be the next World Latin / Ballroom Champion. But meanwhile don’t forget to have fun during all the way. You will find difficulties and obstacles, so keep focus on your goal and have fun in every single step. In the end of the day is that smile that you will keep 🙂

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